Using natural materials to encourage the feeling of lightness and warmth, our range of Danish modern lounge chairs and armchairs will add a level of sophistication and timelessness to any room. The Danish modern style follows form and function for elegant furniture pieces, the design is uncomplicated, clean, and simple making it a favourite furniture style of Australian households and throughout the world. Choose Danish design lounge chairs to add a trendy and modern look to your living room style. 

What materials do you use in your Danish-inspired lounge chairs and armchairs? 

Danish furniture design typically features natural materials, blending perfectly with the natural surrounding environment. Woods included in typical Danish style lounge chairs and armchairs include oak, mahogany, pine, and teak which help to achieve the light and airy feel that this style is best known for. Paired with a collection of beautiful, top quality materials, including both fabric and leather, our collection of Danish modern armchairs and lounge chairs are both practical and comfortable. Our passion for both Danish and Scandinavian style furniture as a whole is present in each of our unique designs. A featured Danish-inspired piece is an ideal addition to any inspired room décor, whether it is at your home or the office. 

What is special about Danish furniture design? 

Danish style furniture design thrived from the 1940s to the 1960s and is still a beloved style around the world today. The original style has grown and adapted since its inception to produce the collection of Danish-inspired armchairs and lounge chairs that you can see today. The original inspiration in Danish design was to create streamlined furniture that looked stunning whilst also being practical and durable. The collection of Danish style armchairs and lounge chairs that we offer at The Modern Furniture Store today is a reflection of these original philosophies and can be paired with many modern furniture designs to create a stunning look for your home. We are passionate about Danish furniture design and producing the best quality furniture is a core part of who we are at The Modern Furniture Store. With us you can be sure that your Danish fabric armchairs will be the best purchase you will make all season. 

Are Danish-inspired lounge chairs a good choice for my office? 

The fantastic part of the form and simplicity of the Danish furniture design is that it can work in many different spaces. Danish modern lounge chairs can feature in your home living room as warm and comfortable pieces, but they can also transform to a welcoming vision for your office too. Danish fabric armchairs are a popular choice for office reception areas with their functional design and the range of colours on offer in our collection means that you can pair them perfectly to fit with your pre-existing office décor. Keep up with the latest in office furniture trends with our style and design blog to ensure that your office stays on-trend for every season. 

Do you offer a delivery service? 

With 4 showrooms located in Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria, we are here to serve you for all your furniture needs, 7 days a week. Visit one of our showrooms to browse our gorgeous collection of Danish fabric lounge chairs to choose the piece that is the right fit for your home. Once you have decided on the furniture that works for you, we offer a delivery service that covers most of Australia so that the perfect piece will arrive directly to your door. If you are unsure whether our delivery service will reach you or you have questions about any of our services, you can contact our friendly team in any of our showrooms for the best local advice. With our fast and convenient shipping options, adding the perfect Danish leather armchairs to your home has never been easier!