With a number of showrooms located around Australia buying a Danish sideboard for your home has never been more convenient. Our stylish range of Danish style sideboards bring soft lines and warm tones to your home to feature as a beautiful part of any interior décor style. 

With a touch of the Scandinavian minimalist style, our Danish design sideboards will complement your existing furniture collection beautifully. For a furniture piece that is as functional as it is elegant, you can’t go past our Danish inspired sideboards. 

What is a sideboard?

A sideboard is a flexible piece of furniture that can be used for everyday storage and display around your home. Traditionally, Danish sideboards would be used in your dining room to assist in serving food during a more traditional style meal. In the more modern setting, the Danish sideboard has also been featured in living rooms aside from other Danish modern furniture styles as a stylish way to display your décor items. When a sideboard is featured in a living area, it can also be known as a credenza in certain decor circles.  

Why do I need a Danish modern buffet?

Featuring a Danish buffet in a large dining room is a fantastic way to section the room with purposeful spaces. A Danish modern buffet serves as a useful piece of furniture that can also function as a divider between your kitchen and your dining set. Depending on the style you choose for your space, a Danish buffet can work well in open plan dining rooms when displayed to complement your other modern furniture pieces.

How will a Danish credenza work in my living room?

A Danish modern credenza is a fantastic piece of furniture for reducing clutter in your living area. Functioning as an enclosed storage space that looks stylish and fits perfectly with many other furniture styles, a Danish credenza is a practical addition to the home which is designed specifically for form and function. This is a furniture piece that is best placed close to your entryway to hold items that you use when entering and exiting your home. By creating a designated area for these items, a Danish sideboard will reduce clutter which would otherwise be placed on coffee tables and countertops. 

Where can I find your showrooms?

The Modern Furniture Store offers 5 showrooms in 3 states on Australia’s east coast including 3 in Queensland and 1 apiece for Victoria and NSW. We offer Australia wide shipping, so no matter where your home is, once you have chosen the Danish buffet that suits you, we can have it delivered directly to your door. For more information on how we can deliver our high-quality furniture designs to you, contact our friendly customer service team who are ready and waiting to assist you in purchasing the perfect Danish sideboard for your home.  

Purchase a stunning Danish sideboard for your home today

The Modern Furniture store prides itself on creating elegant furniture which is designed for form and functionality. Keep up with our latest styles and designs in our blog and visit one of our showrooms today for the best in Danish inspired sideboards.