The Australian lifestyle has certainly evolved over the last century, but the concept of sitting down for a nice meal with your loved ones remains as important as ever.

Unlike laying on the couch distracted by the tv or mobile devices, sitting on dining chairs at the table allows your family and friends to truly share each other’s company over a quiet meal or dinner party setting.

It’s imperative that your mid-century style dining chairs are as comfortable as they are aesthetically pleasing within the room. For example, consider how your dining chairs fit into the room alongside your other pieces of furniture and if they each share the same design style.

The Modern has a stylish selection of mid-century modern dining chairs to choose from. Come into one of our showrooms in Bowral, Melbourne or Brisbane and see for yourself just how equally comfortable these functional pieces of furniture can be.

Frequently Answered Questions

🛋️ What are mid-century modern style dining chairs?

Mid-century dining chairs design is a furniture style that made its mark in the middle of the 20th century. While design periods are never black and white, mid-century modern is accepted as spanning from 1933 to 1965.

An uncomplicated furniture design that focuses on practicality rather than over the top trimmings that only make the piece less usable in daily life. Mid-century modern dining chairs are clean and versatile, while their craftsmanship is always discernible.

🛋️ How can you spot a mid-century modern dining chair?

You’re able to spot a classic dining chair from both it’s elegant design characteristics, and the materials it’s been crafted from.

Look out for clean lines, open sides and classic shapes in the chair. There should be no over the top decorations cut into the chair’s skirting, or should there be any extraneous details.

If you’re looking for a mid-century modern dining chair, focus on natural materials such as fine woods like beech, elm, rosewood or walnut.

🛋️ Which colours are found in mid-century modern dining chairs?

Mid-century modern colour schemes use contrasting colours to accentuate your dining chairs in a way that isn’t overbearing.

With a design often centring around beautiful natural materials such as wood, these natural colours are integrated into the overall style. While often retaining a natural look to the chair, colourful accents are applied where necessary to give the chair personality.

However, these accenting colour schemes always remain grounded, never overpowering the natural look these elegant chairs must retain.

🛋️ Which shapes are found in mid-century modern dining chairs?

When browsing our range of designs at The Modern, you’ll soon find that our mid-century modern dining chairs come in a huge range of shapes and sizes.

While mid-century modern design keeps a focus on functionality, that doesn’t mean that there are no variations in shape.

🛋️ Do The Modern have a range of mid-century modern dining chairs for sale?

The Modern ships everywhere in Australia with a fair delivery and returns policy. In saying that, we definitely encourage you to come into one of our showrooms in Bowral, Melbourne or Brisbane and experience the elegance yourself.

Browse our range of dining chairs for sale and experience sitting in them in person while surrounded by a range of complementary mid-century modern furniture pieces to complete the room.

If you’re interested in learning more about mid-century modern design, then be sure to check out our blog or get in touch at our contact us page.