In contemporary Australian society where technology rules so many facets of our lives, the dining table serves as the glue keeping families in touch with each other on a more personal level.

Inserting a modern mid-century dining table as the room’s centrepiece, adds both style and function to space, and it serves for more than the act of just coming together to eat. Whether it’s sitting down to a classic family dinner, collaborating in a deep and meaningful conversation between friends, or celebrating one of our many human milestones, a mid-century modern dining table is where life happens.

The Modern offers an elegant range of mid-century dining tables, each designed to become the centrepiece to not only your dining room but your family’s social bond.

Mid Century Style Dining Table FAQ:

🛋️ What is mid-century modern dining table design?

The mid-century modern dining table design is a furniture style that originated in the post-war era and spanned through to 1965.

Encompassed by a highly functional design movement, mid-century modern dining tables create a simple setting that was appropriate for daily life in the post-war years of the mid 20th century.

🛋️ Which materials characterise mid century modern dining table design?

Leading the mid-century modern design charge at the time were Scandanavian countries such as Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway.

With highly skilled woodworking craftsmanship etched into Scandanavian culture, mid-century modern dining tables are often created from fine wood materials such as rosewood and walnut.

🛋️ Which colour woods are used in mid-century modern dining tables?

The signature style of mid-century modern dining sets uses contrasting colours to make your table a true centrepiece of the room.

Natural wood colours contrast with colourful accents in mid-century modern design pieces. Keeping the natural colours of the woods as the table’s primary colour is a key personality of this retro style.

Mid-century modern colours are grounded by greys, browns and whites, while bold colours are subtly added to bring out a style that was seen as almost futuristic at the time.

🛋️ Which shapes define the mid-century modern dining tables?

As a design movement etched in functionality as much as aesthetic appeal, the shapes you’ll find in mid-century modern designed dining tables vary between hard and soft-edged shapes.

Whether an oval or rectangle shape variant, functionality is key in mid-century modern design and the table shape must reflect this.

Mid-century designed tables have all of the beautiful details that define a room, while still allowing your family to comfortably sit around the piece for dinner and good conversation.

🛋️ How to choose the right modern mid century dining set?

A modern mid century dining set will be dictated by the room and functional purpose that the set is going to serve for your family.

Dining tables with no hard corners may be favoured because there’s no traditional head of the table. They also create an intimate setting, perfect for smaller dining rooms.

On the other hand, cornered dining tables in shapes such as squares or rectangles take up more space, but can often fit a larger family around them as the table features a clear divide.

Choosing mid-century modern furniture for your dining set is the key to a complete design. Contact us and make an enquiry about taking a look at one of our showrooms in Bowral, Melbourne or Brisbane.