Contemporary Home Office Furniture Australia

Modern home office furniture

Enhance your workplace and breathe new life into your workday with a brand-new sleek collection of modern office furniture for the home.

If you are as passionate aboutmid-century furniture as us, you’ll fall head over heels for our industry-leading collection of contemporary office pieces. From upholstered office chairs and solid timber desks to side tables and shelving units, ourScandinavian office furniture will keep your home office clean, organised, and stylish.

Discover moreabout us and our collection today and see how our modern office furniture for the home can transform your working experience. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate toget in touch.

How do you create a modern office?

Want to create the ultimate modern home office? Start with the furniture. Modern home office furniture features minimal silhouettes, natural materials, and simplistic, often geometric designs. Explore variations of home office furniture, too, such asDanish office furniture and other contemporarystyles.


Once you have selected your home office furniture package, it’s time to decorate. Here are some of our top tips:

  • Embrace natural light. Ensure windows are unobstructed and opt for light, semi-sheer window coverings.
  • Bring the outside in with indoor plants. Indoor plants not only look fantastic but also improve air quality.
  • Add personal touches. Your home office shouldn’t look stark and generic. Add things like family photos and prints to the walls. A colourful, geometric rug is another great option that brings warmth to your room.

What styles of office furniture can you find at The Modern?

Here at The Modern, we offer several furniture styles. This includes the following:

  • Mid-century modern furniture
  • Scandinavian-inspired furniture
  • Danish modern office furniture

If you are not sure which style is right for you, feel free to browse our collection online or visit us at one of our showrooms in Bowral, Melbourne, and Brisbane, Australia. Or, contact our team for advice – we are always ready to assist.

What are the new trends in modern office layouts?

Just like fashion trends, interior design trends come and go. Currently, we are seeing several stunning modern office layout trends that you can use to refresh your home office. Here are a few of our top picks:

  • Create a sense of space. Modern offices tend to be light, bright, and spacious. One of the best ways to achieve this in your home office is to move your desk into the centre of the room. That way, you’re not cramped up against a wall or in a corner. Pop a feature rug under your desk to complete the look.
  • Natural materials reign supreme. It’s nothing new, but natural materials – timber in particular – are a must-have in any on-trend office. Wood is long-wearing and easy tocare for, too.
  • Don’t be afraid of colour. Pops of colour add vibrancy and personality to a space. As long as you are selective, artworks, prints, and even hanging mobiles are the perfect way to finish your modern office space.

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