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Vases filled with flowers, family photos, candles, one-of-a-kind artworks, and other ornaments all need a home – and where better than a modern kitchen sideboard? Sideboard furniture serves several functions: It provides valuable storage, as well as adds a decorative touch to the space.

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What is a sideboard used for?

A sideboard cabinet can be used for a whole host of things. Traditionally, they were used in the dining room for serving food, displaying dishes, and storage. Today, many interior andfurniture styles embrace the oh-so-versatile sideboard, using it as a TV stand, additional storage in the bedroom, and more.

What's the difference between a buffet and a sideboard?

In short, nothing at all. A sideboard is a long, low piece of furniture typically use as storage. When placed in the dining room, it’s called a buffet. Why? Because they were traditionally used to serve food.

What is another name for a sideboard?

Sideboards are sometimes called buffets or credenzas. The name buffet is primarily used when the sideboard is situated in the dining room. This is because the long, low surface was traditionally used for serving food buffet-style.

What do you keep in a sideboard?

How you use your sideboard cabinet is entirely up to you – as long as you takecare of it, it will last you for years and years. Here are a couple of ideas to get you thinking:

  • Store linen and tableware in the dining room
  • Store books
  • Adorn the top with artworks and ornaments to add a decorative element to any room
  • Store bedding and spare towels
  • Use as a TV stand
  • Store art and craft supplies

Can you put a sideboard in a bedroom?

Yes. You absolutely can put a sideboard in a bedroom – when it comes to decorating your interior, there are no hard-and-fast rules. Although a dresser tends to be the most common storage solution in the bedroom, a sideboard cabinet is a fantastic storage option for low-slung spaces, such as below a window. They also offer a space to incorporate decorative items into your room.

What are the defining features of a modern sideboard?

The modern kitchen sideboard – whether it’s designed to reflectMid-Century,Danish modern, orScandinavian modern ideals – features a sleek silhouette, simple, geometric lines, and high-quality, natural materials.

Can I use a sideboard cabinet as a TV stand?

Yes. The modern buffet is often used as a TV stand. A sideboard can often play a dual role by acting as both a display surface for a television and a storage unit for peripherals such as spare wires, remotes, and more.

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