2 / 2.5 Seat Sofas

Nothing is more classy, style-defining and comfortable than a good 2-seat sofa. Make your next sofa the focal point of your living room, sitting room or home office space.

We offer a range of top-quality cosy 2-seat sofas for you to properly enjoy your leisure time, lazy evenings, a good conversation over a cup of coffee or a nice read on a rainy day.

High-Quality 2-Seat Sofas

At The Modern, we value the idea of long term investment in your home furniture that you can see, use, enjoy and create memories with every day. That is why we make sure our furniture is beautiful, minimal, simple and very functional so that it can go well with any kind of space design, stay through every redecoration and maintain perfect condition for the longest time. Our selection of 2 seat sofas is no exception to that philosophy.

Here are a few reasons why our collection of 2-seat sofas would be a great addition to your living room or home office:

  • Quality. Our 2-seat sofas are made from various materials depending on your chosen style and budget: solid timbers, full-grain leathers, duck feathers or high-density foams, and high-quality upholstery fabrics. It all comes together to make a sofa with a strong, long-lasting frame and wear-resistant covers. These 2-seat sofas are the perfect companion for your movie nights, good-quality “me” time and family gatherings that will last through many memories in your home.
  • Sofa types. We offer both fabric and leather 2-seat sofas. Whether you prefer the refreshing, firm feel and poise, elegant appeal of natural leather or you want your sofa to be always warm, cosy and snuggle-able - there will be a 2-seat sofa that will fit your needs. Another difference, apart from the look and the feel of the two types of sofas, lies in what kind of care they require: the leather ones need to be rubbed down or lightly dusted, and fabric sofas are usually cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. So your choice also depends on which one will be more convenient for you to maintain over time.
  • Colours. We offer our 2-seat sofas in a variety of colours: black, red, green, beige, blue, tan and brown. Depending on whether you want your sofa to add to the minimalistic, darker-toned design of your home office, or merge perfectly with the rest of your space decor, or make a bold statement and be the main furniture piece of the living room - there is a perfect colour option for creating just the right effect.

For more sofa options, check out our Sofa collection page. If you are in a hunt for good quality living room or home office furniture - our Living Room and Home Office selections would be a perfect place to start your search.

If you have any question about our products or services - contact us, we are always happy to help!