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Whether you are embracing that #workfromhome life and want a comfortable home office desk to work on,or you like to put your thinking cap on to work on your passions and self-improvement at home, our selection of desks are a great place to start! We offer a range of top-quality home office desks for you to fully enjoy your working, writing, journaling or study time.

Best Home Office Desks

At The Modern Furniture Store, we are all about selecting perfect furniture that will merge with almost any kind of room design yet stand out as a fine piece of high-quality decor. Our collection of home office desks is just that - it will fit with any style of space design and yet will inevitably draw attention to its minimalistic wooden patterns, simple symmetric shapes and thoughtfully crafted details.

Here are a few reasons why our home office desks will be a great addition to any household:

  • Quality. Our home office desks are made of materials such as oak, elm and ash timber, which make the furniture pieces strong, long-lasting, resistant to sun and water damage, wear and tear-resistant. The wood grain of these materials is also naturally appealing and easy on the eye. The inserts on our home office desks are made of full grain leather which only adds to the durability both in terms of withstanding the effects of external damage and looking the part for the longest time.
  • Size variations. We have home office desks in a variety of sizes from 140x50x76 cm to 160x78x73 cm, which is a good range to find the one that will fit well within the space available at your house. Whether you need to fit the office desk in a smaller space in a room for shared purposes or you have a big space to set up a home office available - you will find a desk in a perfect size.
  • Storage. We offer a variety of home office desks with different types and numbers of drawers available. We have home office desks with a single drawer, with two and three drawers, with shelves and desks with no drawers at all. It’s always good to keep some of your work or study necessities within arm’s reach, and it’s up to you whether you want your belongings to be stored neatly in drawers and shelves, or you prefer to have them scattered over the desk. Whatever kind of storage it is that you prefer - we have you covered!

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