The Modern offers leather armchairs that have a unique mid-century modern inspiration, with the idea of simplicity woven into their varying designs. They're built with solid timber frames that provide reassuring sturdiness and premium leather that allows for both comfort and a stylish finish.

Modern leather armchairs come in a range of styles and colours, with enough variety for you to find one that fits the overall furniture style of your home.

🛋️ Where Can I Find The Modern Furniture Showroom Locations?

You can view leather armchairs in Australia at any of our four showroom locations. There are two located in Queensland, namely Brisbane Sofa Store and Toowong Sofa Store. We also have a showroom with leather armchairs in Melbourne, the Melbourne Sofa Store, which can be found in Victoria. The final showroom, the Bowral Sofa Store, is located in New South Wales.

🛋️ What Designs, Materials and Styles Are Available?

As far as colours, there's a wide range on offer, including brown, red, green, black and more, to help you decide on an option that suits the decor of your home and your personal tastes. There are multiple colour options for you to choose from for the different styles of modern leather armchairs.

Styles also vary, with more on the way. Map armchairs offer a vintage design that is low and reclined, with a broader profile than other armchairs in the selection. Likewise, club armchairs also feature a vintage aesthetic. The reading armchairs are a reimagining of the classic design, comprising a leather armchair and ottoman combination.

Map armchairs are made of oak and full-grain leather, while others have a solid Asian walnut frame with aniline leather. Full-grain leather can also be found on club armchairs, den armchairs and many other designer leather armchair types. Solid birch is another material used on the leather lounge chairs for sale, and it can be found on reading armchairs and den armchairs.

🛋️ When is My Modern Leather Armchair Delivered?

The Modern delivers to most places all over Australia, and your order of a modern leather armchair is dispatched within seven days if currently in stock. Shipping to most capital cities typically takes three to four days from the date of dispatch. You'll be notified in the event that there's a delay on the part of the freight company.

If you buy a leather armchair that's out of stock, however, lead times may be 16 to 20 weeks, depending on the supplier. That also goes for custom modern contemporary armchair orders. While our delivery guide can help you get an idea of how long it takes to receive your furniture, you should enquire in-store for a more detailed answer on when to expect your furniture.

🛋️ How Do I Maintain My Modern Contemporary Armchair?

The solid timber on our contemporary leather armchair selection responds to environmental conditions, including changes in temperature and humidity. Our surface treatments, vegetable-based oil and polyurethane lacquer offer protection from sunlight and stains.

While the modern armchair leather also responds to external factors, maintaining it allows it to develop a rich patina that makes it age gracefully. The leather should be wiped from time-to-time with a warm damp cloth to remove stains. Nourishing and hydrating the leather is a vital care practice that can be done with a suitable leather conditioner once every six months, depending on the type of leather armchair you choose. Contact us so we can better advise you on care tips.