Simple form and functional designs are key aspects of our mid-century lounge chairs. Taking elements of Scandinavian design, our mid-century modern lounge chairs will complement your home with a sense of style and flair that is unique and on-trend. Mid-century inspired lounge chairs are a stylish element for your home and combined with some of our more contemporary styles, can produce a beautifully chic look. Borrowing from modern inspirations, our collection of beautifully crafted furniture pieces will make a stunning feature to include in your home décor.     

How can I mix and match furniture designs to create a unique style?  

With their sleek mid-century modern armchairs come in a diverse range of colours, fabrics, and designs to accommodate a unique and eclectic interior style. With the wide range of design options available in our collection, you will be sure to find a key piece that fits perfectly with your look. Keep your décor unique by pairing your classic armchair with one of our stunning mid-century fabric lounge chairs for an on-trend living room that complements your personal taste and sense of style. Our modern furniture range is created using the finest materials for both elegance and durability, to be appreciated at home or work every day. Keep up to date with our latest inspirations on our news page which highlights the latest in current interior design trends. 

What makes Scandinavian furniture design different? 

Scandinavian furniture design has long been known for quality products and simple styles. The style emerged in the early 20th century, taking hold in Scandinavian countries such as Norway and Denmark in the 1950s. This is a style that has continued to inspire furniture lovers around the world for generations since its inception. The inspiration for The Modern Furniture Store came from a long-held appreciation for the form and functionality that this unique and well-loved style of furniture design is known for. Our range of mid-century inspired armchairs was born from the fundamentals of Scandinavian design, and combined with modern trends, to produce comfortable and stylish pieces on offer in our collection. 

How will mid-century style lounge chairs change the aesthetic of my living room? 

The addition of mid-century design lounge chairs to your living room perfectly blends the old and the new. With the fundamentals of each design offering a simple 50’s style, our mid-century leather lounge chairs offer the core base of a vintage look for your living room. It is the modern colours and fabrics used in each of our designs that takes the base look of your mid-century inspired lounge chairs to the next level of elegance and style, bringing the piece into the modern-day. The use of mid-century style armchairs and lounge chairs in your living room will create a feeling of history and comfort, combined with an aesthetic of modernity and class. 

Where can I buy your mid-century style armchairs? 

The Modern Furniture Store has 4 showrooms located around Australia including Melbourne, Brisbane and Bowral where you can view our collection of mid-century design armchairs and lounge chairs. Our showrooms are open 7 days a week for your shopping convenience and offer a personal experience for your next furniture purchase. Once you have chosen that perfect piece of furniture, you can take advantage of our delivery service for your ultimate convenience. The Modern Furniture Store delivery service operates to most locations within Australia with fast and convenient shipping options. If you are unsure of delivery to your location, you can contact us to discuss delivery options for your mid-century armchairs.