With the roots of our furniture company firmly planted in the realms of Danish and Scandinavian minimalist style, our inspired designs are growing and expanding into the world of mid-century modern ottomans and bar stools. The rise of mid-century furniture began post-WWII with the production of sleek-lined furniture pieces featuring organic shapes. This new furniture style took the world by storm and has continued to grow and adapt to current trends throughout the decades.

Mid-century modern styles in high demand

Of all the furniture styles on offer at The Modern Furniture Store, our mid-century modern collection includes some of our most highly sought after pieces. From mid-century ottomans with their stoic and strong appearance to our popular range of mid-century inspired bar stools, our collection of pieces from this bygone era includes the perfect addition to your reminiscent style.


What is mid-century inspired furniture?

As you will see in our collection of mid-century inspired ottomans and bar stools, the style features the juxtaposition of sleek-lined thin legs supporting larger, stronger shapes in each of the pieces. Our mid-century design bar stools take these inspired design elements and dress them up with cushions which are upholstered in modern and durable materials and fabrics, incorporating the latest trends into the design’s original influence.

With the design inspirations really beginning to take hold at the end of the prohibition era in America, the style of mid-century bar stools took on a simple and elegant form, enabling them to be produced quickly and efficiently at the time. These simple lines and functional styles have been carried forward into today’s design of mid-century modern bar stools which present the finest in traditional lines together with the latest trends in fabrics to produce pieces that align the old and the new in perfect harmony.

Will mid-century style furniture fit with my existing pieces?

Though mid-century furniture designs are stunning, they can sometimes monopolize a room to the point of being too much. Incorporating mid-century inspired pieces into your existing design is a nice way to slowly begin to feature the style without going overboard. Add one of our mid-century style ottomans to your modern lounge suite or an occasional chair to bring out the feeling of comfort and elegance in your room, or incorporate mid-century style bar stools into your breakfast bar to look for a fresh and eclectic feel.

Working with the elements of mid-century design ottomans and bar stools are an easy way to begin utilising the inspiration without overtaking the existing feel of your room. Pairing your new furniture pieces with vibrant soft furnishings will help to lift the solid feeling of the darker leather coverings on our mid-century ottomans and will assist in tying in the new piece with your existing style.

What is the easiest way to buy from The Modern Furniture Store?

Shopping for the latest in furniture styling is simple with The Modern Furniture store. Simply visit one of our 4 showrooms in Queensland, NSW or Victoria and choose the mid-century inspired bar stools or ottoman that works for your space and either take it home with you on the day or arrange for delivery direct to your door. If you don’t live near any of our showroom locations, you can contact our team to discuss your preferred furniture choices and our efficient delivery service that covers most of Australia.

Stay up to date with the latest in furniture trends and newlines at The Modern Furniture Store by following our news page. Whether it’s mid-century modern bar stools or the finest in leather ottomans that you are searching for to complete your space, our selection of the latest in furniture design will make your house feel like a home.