The Modern Furniture Store not only specialises in home furnishings but also offers high-qualitymid-century office furniture that’s simple, elegant and durable.

We have a range ofScandinavian-designed home office furniture, too, including modern desks, storage and shelving options, leather-inlaid desks and décor designed to enhance or add interest to office desks and shelves.

🛋️ What specific types of office furniture do you offer?

To give you a fair idea of the kinds ofmid-century office furniture you’ll find in our store, here’s a short list you can refer to:

  • Mid-century office desks such as office desks and writers’ desks
  • Mid-century modern home office desk chairs
  • Storage options, including drawers, shelves, cabinets and bookcases
  • Office décor, including wall clocks, trays, Brilliant Boxes and wooden figurines
  • Lighting elements

Since our office product range is essentiallymid-century design office furniture, you can mix and match the pieces from our range without worrying about clashingdesign aesthetics.

Besides,mid-century modern office furniture is quite versatile. The clean classic lines of every piece will fit right into your office interior, even when there are already other items that belong to other design styles. You can depend onmid-century-style office furniture to fit right in, while still giving you a distinctive look in the process. 

If you need more specific advice on the mid-century modern design aesthetic, includingDanish modern furniture, check out our helpfulblogs.

🛋️ What materials do you use to makemid-century office furniture?

AtThe Modern Furniture Store, we use the following types of wood in makingmid-century-inspired office furniture:

  • Oak.This wood comes in a range of rich, deep colours and beautiful grains. It is also moisture-resistant, versatile, sustainable, abundant and durable.
  • Ash.Ash is a light-coloured, smooth-grained hardwood known for taking stains and most finishing products well. It’s also beautiful, lightweight, bendable, strong and shock-resistant.
  • Beech.This fine-grained, odourless wood has an interesting light orange to salmon colour. It is a tough solid wood yet bendable, and it ages gracefully. It’s so versatile that it can be used for making large furniture pieces and delicate items, including spoons.
  • Elm.This hardwood has distinct light and dark sections and can range from light to dark brown in colour. It is odourless, bendable, durable and resistant to decay. However, elm use is now discontinued because of Dutch elm disease, which has rendered this species rare and hard to find. 

🛋️ Where are you located and where do you ship? 

The Modern Furniture has two showrooms in Brisbane, Queensland, and one each in Bowral, New South Wales and Melbourne, Victoria. If you plan on visiting any of our sites, you can schedule an appointment or simply drop by. You’ll also be pleased to know we ship everywhere in Australia.

🛋️ Do you have a return or exchange policy?

With regard to our returns and exchange policy, there are specific conditions set for different situations. Please check the detailshere. We’re certain you will find our terms quite reasonable.

If you are interested in our products and wish to know more, please contact us or visit one of our showrooms.