If you have a passion for furniture and interior décor that’s simple, elegant and classic,The Modern Furniture Store will have something you’re sure to love.

We specialise inmid-century modern home furniture such asmid-century sideboards, as well as home office essentials. We also have signature homeware created by some of the industry’s most recognisable brands, including Marimekko, Robert Gordon, Normann Copenhagen and so many others.

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🛋️ I’ve read aboutmid-century sideboards, but what does it mean?

By mid-century here, we mean mid-century modern – a style of design used in architecture and furniture-making popularised around the 1930s until the middle of the 1960s. This design style is identifiable in its use of clean lines, simplicity or lack of embellishment, and its organic, streamlined forms.

Meanwhile, themid-century modern sideboard (akamid-century credenza), as its name suggests, is a brainchild of mid-century creative thinking. In fact, it’s one piece of furniture that’s considered synonymous with 1950s design. 

The sideboard is a staple in homes where the owner wishes to add a classic, nostalgic design statement. With a sideboard, you not only add a mid-century touch to your interiors, but you also gain practical storage space for your home.

Simple, elegant and beautiful, sideboards can be placed virtually anywhere in your home. They are also easy to style and can be used to store almost anything. 

You can put one in the bedroom with some indoor plants on top and maybe your favourite reading materials in some of the compartments. You can also use it for storing DVDs, vinyl records and photo albums in the living room. In the dining area, you can use it to store cutlery or other homeware. 

If you want to learn more about themid-century modern furniture style in general, includingDanish modern furniture and otherScandinavian furniture, please visit ourblog.

🛋️ What colours do yourmid-century modern sideboards come in, and what materials do you use?

Ourmid-century-inspired sideboards are made of wood and come in a natural finish, although we do have a few models with an oil finish. We believe that the beauty of the source material can be best appreciated when people can see the uniqueness of and variations in the wood grain. 

As for the materials, most of the sideboards we produce are made from oak, while a few are made from ash and elm. 

Oak is our primary material of choice because it has a richness in colour and a huge variety of beautiful grains that make it an attractive option. It is sustainable and plentiful, so it’s relatively affordable. 

It also does not require chemical treatments before use, so it doesn’t have a negative impact on the environment. It’s also incredibly versatile, so we can use it for making a wide range of furniture that’s durable and moisture-resistant.

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