ArchitectMade Hans Bolling Mermaid

ArchitectMade Hans Bolling Mermaid

ArchitectMade Hans Bolling Mermaid

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At first glance, the Mermaid reminds us of the famous Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale that most people associate with Denmark.

Part woman, part fish, Hans Bølling’s character goes beyond fairy tale and embodies an ethereal, refined feminine aura, her carefully rounded shape and thoughtful lines offering a sense of serenity and wholesomeness.

Designed in 1960, the Mermaid brings together sophisticated and simple Danish design. New expressions are easily created by turning her head, fin, waist or arms.

The lower part of her body is made of oak wood while the upper, more feminine part is made of silky soft maple wood.

Handmade in oak and maple wood
Dimensions: 17cm (H) x 13cm (W)