Marimekko Kalendi Runner

Marimekko Kalendi Runner

Marimekko Kalendi Runner

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PATTERN: Kalendi

DESIGNER: Sabine Finkenauer

FABRIC: 100% Cotton

COLOUR: Linen, Red, Gold

DIMENSIONS: 45 x 165cm

CARE: Machine Wash 40oC or follow instructions given on tag

This woven grid cotton runner features the placement print Kalendi pattern with golden metal pigment details. The fabric is printed in Helsinki.

55% of the cotton used in this product is recycled.

Simple things are the overarching topic of Sabine Finkenauer´s art. The forms that appear in her work represent an artistic journey from figurative towards abstract, while still evoking memories of familiar, everyday shapes. Named after the artist’s late cat, the shape of Kalendi brings to mind a chalice. This piece of art is a part of a series created using oil pastels on paper with a technique that involves both drawing and stamping: Sabine used an iron to transfer drawings from one paper to another. 

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