Marimekko Seppel Bowl

Marimekko Seppel Bowl

Marimekko Seppel Bowl

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PATTERN:  Seppel (Wreath)

DESIGNER:  Antti Kekki

MATERIAL:  100% White Stoneware

COLOUR:  White, Yellow


CARE:  Dishwasher, Oven, Microwave & Freezer Safe

Seppel (wreath), designed by Antti Kekki, was inspired by Maija Isola´s iconic Unikko —specifically, the flower stems, which now bend into soft arcs overlapping each other, resembling tree rings. The festive Seppel print was created by combining curved shapes, cut from paper in Antti´s signature style. The flower center is also used as a precious gem in the crown of Unikko´s 60th anniversary wreath.

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