Marimekko Viitta Cushion Cover

Marimekko Viitta Cushion Cover

Marimekko Viitta Cushion Cover

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Designer:  Maija Isola

Colour:  Blue, Off White, Red

Fabric:  100% Cotton

Size:  50 x 50cm

Care:  Machine wash 60oC.  Do not soak, bleach, tumble dry. Use hot iron.

Maija Isola’s output of more than 500 fabric prints is an inexhaustible treasure trove. Viitta (beacon) is one of her geometric designs from the 1960s in which we can see her exploring the constructivist movement that was rising in the Finnish art scene at the time. Viitta belongs to Maija's geometric patterns from the 1960s, which have been seen to have similarities to the constructivism movement that gained popularity in Finnish art during the same decade, along with minimalism and other geometric trends. Constructivism originated in Russia in the early 1900s and greatly influenced modern art and architecture, such as the De Stijl and Bauhaus movements. Viitta displays the characteristic strict abstractness and clear optical colour surfaces of the art movement.